As 2022's Earth Day approaches, the team at Adafruit has put together a work-in-progress public draft of some of our efforts we've done, are doing, and will do, (subject to change and edits) on sustainability, conservation, packaging, electrifying, and more. We are all energy consumers, and there are personal and organizational actions we can take to set a good example as leaders and help with progress towards clean technologies, save the planet, modernize our efforts, and create rewarding opportunities for one another.

Transportation, Machine, and equipment audits
Replace / use clean energy and replace fossil fueled machines with clean electric alternatives. This includes transportation choices for in-bound and outbound shipping.

Carbon offset program(s)
Currently evaluating 3Degrees. 3Degrees helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals (used by Etsy and others).

Renewable Energy Credits (REC's)
Available to anyone that receives and pays an electricity bill. Some team members have experience using Green Mountain Energy, the longest-serving renewable energy retailer (REC).

Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs)
One of the dominant transaction mechanisms in corporate renewable energy procurement markets (Google overview). Two types: Virtual PPA (VPPA) and Physical PPA (PPPA). VPPA appears best for smaller scale business - essentially an REC contract. 

Packaging audit and material experimentation
Mycelium based packaging - The Adafruit team participated, and is exploring Mycelium. The team participated in a 3-day hands-on workshop series; attendees grew custom packing material using mycelium—an eco-conscious, biodegradable material made from mushroom tissue which may replace styrofoam. Additional review of the current range of eco friendly packaging options and where to source them. Spring/summer experiment planned for USA based packaging to select customers.

Supplier audit and updates including:

  • Plastic film replacements for some items when possible.
  • Cellulose film - moisture resistant (enough so for food vendor use).
  • Bubble/styrofoam replacements.
  • Cornstarch packing peanuts.
  • Some kinds are heavier than traditional packing peanuts, and can affect shipping costs and emissions in transport.
  • Corn based foam (e.g. green cell foam).
  • Plastic mailer replacements.
  • Recycled paper padded mailers.
  • Requesting impact statement(s) from suppliers.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Projects page has definitions that may be helpful when making packaging decisions.

"Choose ground" and impacts
Possible updates to website to encourage customers to considate shipments and encourage "Not in a rush? Choose ground shipments'' - web site UI changes and customer education on transportation choices and breakdown of costs/materials. Possible sustainable packaging options (cost increase).

Technology decisions (Cryptocurrency and NFTs)
Adafruit does not use or accept Cryptocurrency, and does not participate, own, mint, or endorse NFTs. The Adafruit team has a specific policy for public speaking related to NFTs and more (feel free to use):

The Speaker specifically reserves her rights of publicity and privacy, and expressly prohibits the use of her name, image, and likeness apart from use in the Live session, and works created to promote the Live session. Videographer / Photographer / Streamer may not license the Content for use in advertising or marketing of an unrelated party’s products and services without prior written consent.

Building locations and efficiencies
The current Adafruit location has received an A rating.

Local Law 33 of 2018 amended the Administrative Code of the City of New York in relation to energy efficiency scores and grades for buildings required to benchmark their energy and water consumption. These energy efficiency scores and grades for these buildings are assigned and disclosed in accordance with the new section §28-309.12 annually, based on benchmarking reporting consistent with Federal energy efficiency standards.

An energy efficiency score is the Energy Star Rating that a building earns using the United States Environmental Protection Agency online benchmarking tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, to compare building energy performance to similar buildings in similar climates. As per Local Law 95 of 2019 grades based on Energy Star energy efficiency scores will be assigned as follows:

A – score is equal to or greater than 85

The energy label includes both a letter grade and the energy efficiency score of the building. Please reference the following document for more information Local Law 33 as amended by LL95 of 2019 Steps to Compliance.

Adafruit uses city E-Waste facilities and recycle programs.

Travel policy and transportation
The Adafruit team avoids air travel as a company policy, takes trains and public transportation.

In New York, transportation contributed to 28 percent of the city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, and approximately half of total carbon dioxide emissions statewide. Passenger cars are the largest source.

The leadership team(s) which is requested to speak at events generally does not fly or use fossil fuel based transportation. The last air flight for the senior team was 2018. Specifically, the CEO and founder opts for virtual and/or tri-state area events only. The Adafruit team (NYC) uses public transportation for commuting. Adafruit provides bike equipment subsidies, and transit benefits.

Local/public policy projects, volunteer work
Log of recent efforts (signed letters) and more.

Making our voices heard
CEOs for Electrification - Adafruit is a member of Rewiring America - CEOs for Electrification. We pledge to:

Make electrifying core to our business efforts:

  • develop a plan to convert our energy sources and the machines use to clean electricity,
  • find ways to educate and reward employees who make the switch at home and work,
  • invest in products, businesses and technologies that accelerate market transformation,
  • use our voice in our industry sector, with customers, with news media, with policymakers, and in our community to support and educate about electrifying everything.

The Adafruit video series of shows, blog, and social media properties continue to additionally provide updates, activities, and actions we can all participate in for a better world we can make together.

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