Here at Adafruit we’ve split support into two categories:

  • Our customer support team answers all non-tech support related inquiries via our Contact form. You can also email us directly at [email protected]
  • If you have a technical support question please post in the forums

Read below if you need assistance and you’re not sure where to go!

Technical Support

Our team in the forums provides technical support to Adafruit customers and customers of official Adafruit distributors. They have extensive experience with our products and are able to authorize replacements, refunds and prepaid returns if necessary. Responses in the forums can take up to 1-2 business days. When posting in the forums you may encounter another member of the community chiming in with additional tips, tricks and how-tos!

Please click on the most appropriate forum on the Adafruit fourms website and click “Post a Topic” to create a new post within that forum for technical support. Here are some tips to help you create your post:

  1. Tell us what product you are asking about, your Adafruit order number, and when you purchased the item.
  2. Post clear photos, focused, and detailed pictures of the front and back of the boards, as well as any connections to the board.
  3. For software issues, please post the complete text of your IDE's error message. Please use the [code] tag when posting error message as well as code.
  4. If you are having trouble with a code sketch, please post or link to your entire source code. Again, please use the [code] tag when posting code.
  5. If you are building a project from the Learning System, please post a link to the page you are having difficulty with.
  6. Please create a new post in the forums instead of piggybacking on an existing topic. If you do see other threads with similar questions or issues referring to them in your post can help and is greatly appreciated!
  7. Responses in the forums can take up to 1-2 business days. Please reach out to [email protected] with a link to your post in the forums if you do not receive a response within that time frame.

We do not provide engineering or consulting services at this time. We do not offer phone support or one-on-one technical support over email.

You can also try our Discord channel if you’re encountering technical issues. Community Helpers are available in Discord to provide assistance with technical issues. They will assist when they are available - they are all volunteer members of the community who give of their time when possible to help the community as a whole. Please remember this and be patient with regards to responses from them when asking them questions. Please note our Discord community members are not able to authorize replacements or refunds for defective products. Please create a post in the forums if you suspect you've received a faulty product.

Our Jobs Board was created to connect those needing engineering or consulting services with our talented community. This has worked out for many people - helping top businesses find staff and services, and helping makers showcase their skills. Check out the jobs board here!

Customer Support 

Our Customer Support team handles all non-technical support inquiries via our Contact Form. Using the contact form you can submit inquiries regarding Domestic Sales Tax and Australian GST exemption, billing, purchase orders, returns, missing packages, changes to your order and more. If you’re not sure which category best fits your inquiry you can also email [email protected] directly with your non-technical support inquiries.

Please be sure to read through our FAQ and Shipping & Returns pages and browse the Community Support section in the Adafruit Learning System before contacting us. We’ve put a lot of time into creating a system that empowers our customers. We aim to make all the information you need clear and accessible, from creating and maintaining your AdaBox subscription to returning your order!

We highly recommend creating an Adafruit account! With an account you can keep track of all your Adafruit orders, check your order’s status,  access invoices, create a wishlist and quote, manage gift certificates, view which product notifications you’re signed up for, manage newsletter settings, save your favorite guides in the Adafruit Learning System and so much more!

Help us help you! When reaching out to our customer support team please be sure to include any important information related to your inquiry, such as:

  1. A screen shot of any error you are receiving during checkout
  2. The email address linked to your Adafruit account
  3. Your Adafruit order number. Don’t know your Adafruit order number? Let us know the delivery address provided at checkout, the order total, items in the order and the last 4 digits of the card linked to the order if the order was placed with the payment method ‘credit card’.
  4. A direct link to a page on related to your inquiry. Please note that all available information on a product is accessible via the product page, including links to related guides in the Adafruit Learning System.
  5. A photo of any item(s) damaged in shipping. We do what we can to keep your items safe and secure, but sometimes accidents happen on your package’s trip to its final destination!

Adafruit Live

Throughout the week Adafruit goes live on YouTube LIVE, Twitch, Periscope (Twitter) and Facebook.

Here’s the schedule for our long-standing live shows:

Adafruit's "Be Excellent" Policy

Our community is important to all of us at Adafruit. Our “Be Excellent” policy applies to all members: This includes employees, customers, educators, makers, content creators, and more. It applies to all interactions that affect the community we have all built together: commenting on our web pages, posting in forums, and treatment of our support staff. Together, we love celebrating the awesome work the community does, and we appreciate the kind words and support we give to each other!

We hold ourselves and our community members to a high standard of excellence. Each member is valuable to us and we are dedicated to maintaining a positive space where people can engage, learn, and share their work. Overwhelmingly, our members are respectful and awesome; their kindness and coolness is precious and inspiring. And — it’s worth protecting. Read more about our Terms of Service.