R is for Robots

Ladyada's R is for Robots is a coloring book adventure with robots, their inventors and more.


pile of crayons
front cover of R is for Robot. The book title is above Adabot who is holding crayons
inside R is for Robot. Person is coloring the characters for GPS and Hexapod

Ranging from Isaac Asimov and his three laws of robotics to the Jacquard loom, the R is for Robotics A-Z coloring book is not just an art class endeavor, but also a history lesson and a homage to the past and to the future of robotics.

  • R is for Robot cover
  • A is for Asimov
  • B is for BigDog
  • C is for Cyborg
  • D is for Drone
  • E is for Elektro
  • F is for FIRST Robotics
  • G is for GPS
  • H is for hexapod
  • I is for iRobot
  • J is for Jacquard Loom
  • K is for Kinect
  • L is for Line Following
  • M is for manufacturing
  • N is for nanotechnology
  • O is for Obstacle Avoidance
  • P is for Prosthetic
  • Q is for Qrio
  • R is for Roomba
  • S is for Self-Driving Car
  • T is for The Turk
  • U is for Underwater Open-Source Robot
  • V is for Vision
  • W is for WildCat
  • X is for X-RHex
  • Y is for Y-Series (delta)
  • Z is for Z-Axis
  • R is for Robot back cover