Lithium Ion Cylindrical Battery - 3.7v 2200mAh

  • Description


    Need a big battery for your project? This lithium ion battery contains a 2200mAh and a protection circuit that provides over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current protection. Yet, it is slim and easy to fit into many project cases.

    This cell can provide 2C of peak current (4400mA). Note that these batteries are not designed to sustain such high loads, we suggest keeping any constant current draw under about 2A.

    The battery comes with color coded wires, but to use with our chargers you'll likely want to connect a JST 2-pin cable (included!). Because they have a genuine JST connector, not a knock-off, the cable wont snag or get stuck in a matching JST jack, they click in and out smoothly. The cables are rated for 2A so if you use them keep that in mind.

    The included protection circuitry keeps the battery voltage from going too high (over-charging) or low (over-use) which means that the battery will cut-out when completely dead at 2.5V. However, even with this protection it is very important that you only use a LiIon/LiPoly constant-voltage/constant-current charger to recharge them and at a rate of 1A or less.

    Like most lithium-ion packs, the batteries we sell do not have thermistors built in. This is why we suggest charging at 1/2C or even less - 1A max in this case. Of course, you can charge at a lower rate - it'll just take a little longer to fill up.

    Additional safety notes: Do not use a NiMH/NiCad/lead-acid charger! Use a proper LiIon/LiPoly charger for 3.7/4.2V cells. Do not charge unattended. Also, do not abuse these batteries, do not short, bend, crush or puncture. As with all Lithium ion batteries and with any power source - they should be used by experts who are comfortable working with power supplies.

  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+


    • Length: 69mm
    • Diameter: 18mm
    • Circumference: 56.5mm
    • Weight: 46g



    • Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh ±2%
    • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
    • Standard Charge Current: ~0.2C / 0.5A
    • Max Charge Current: 1C / 2.2A
    • Charge Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2V
    • Standard Discharge Current: 0.5C / 1.1A
    • Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 2.75V
    • Cell Voltage: 3.7-3.9V
    • Impedance: ≤35mΩ


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