Wolfson Audio Card

  • Description


    The Wolfson Audio Card, produced by Element14 in collaboration with Wolfson, offers Raspberry Pi® users similar flexibility to a PC sound-card to capture audio alongside their camera, and experiment with stereo digital capture and playback.

    This audiophile-quality add-on is great for intense audio experimenters! If you just want to have higher-quality audio playback, check out our low cost USB audio card, it's perfect for playing music, movie soundtracks, etc. and works well with the Pi.

    The Wolfson Pi Audio Card is based on Wolfson WM5102 audio hub codes. The WM5102 is a highly-integrated low-power audio system for smartphones, tablets and other portable audio devices. It combines wide-band telephony voice processing with a flexible, high-performance audio hub CODEC. The WM5102 digital core provides a powerful combination of fixed-function signal processing blocks with a programmable DSP. These are supported by a fully-flexible, all-digital audio mixing and routing engine with sample rate converters, for wide use-case flexibility. Two stereo headphone drivers each provide stereo ground-referenced or mono BTL outputs, with noise levels as low as 2.3µVRMS for hi-fi quality line or headphone output. The CODEC also features stereo 2W Class-D speaker outputs, a dedicated BTL earpiece output and PDM for external speaker amplifiers. A signal generator for controlling haptics devices is included; vibe actuators can connect directly to the Class-D speaker output, or via an external driver on the PDM output interface. All inputs, outputs and system interfaces can function concurrently.

    Ideal for applications including VoIP, gaming, high quality audio capture, digital audio processing, and audio rendering. XBMC and media streaming, internet radio, networked audio, and DLNA audio rendering.

    Caution! The Wolfson Audio Card comes with a very small translucent screw that helps connect it to the Raspberry Pi. Be careful when you open your package! Only for use with Model A or B Raspberry Pi's with the P5 Header. Will not work with Model B+ or Pi 2!

  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+

    Features of The Wolfson Audio Card:

    • 3.5mm jack stereo line input for connection to external devices (ie. iPod, or phone)
    • 3.5mm jack stereo line output for connection to devices such as powered speakers or external stereo amplifiers
    • Phono jacks for S/PDIF digital stereo audio input and output
    • 2x on-board high quality MEMS microphone for audio capture and a separate 3.5mm jack for microphone input
    • Dedicated headphone socket for boom microphone head set combinations
    • On-board low power; very high efficiency class D power amplifier


    • Dimensions (with jacks): 73mm x 59mm x 14mm / 2.9" x 2.3" x 0.6"
    • Dimensions (without jacks): 64mm x 56mm x 1mm / 2.5" x 2.2" x .04"
    • Weight: 23.8g