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Parallax Propeller Quickstart USB Development Board

  • Description


    The QuickStart is an evaluation board for the 8-Core Parallax Propeller. As an open-source reference design the QuickStart board provides basic Propeller circuitry. Developers may use our PCB layout files as their own to speed their project towards completion. As a project board the QuickStart is fully expandable and provides unimpeded access to all I/O pins through an expansion header but includes some button inputs and LEDs to demonstrate programming.


    • Open hardware reference design through our Altium and DipTrace PCB layout files (more export options may be possible)
    • Bus-powered USB coupled with 3.3V regulator for 500 mA
    • 5 mHz cyrstal on board may be disabled by removing SMT jumper, allowing replacement with external through-hole crystal
    • 64KB EEPROM (32K for P8X32A program, 32K for general-purpose use)
    • External brownout reset may be installed by removing SMT jumper
    • (8) blue LEDs on P16-P23
    • (8) resistive touch-buttons on P0-P7
    • Pads for sigma-delta A/D circuitry (two resistors and two capacitors, both 0603) for using the Sigma-Delta A/D AppNote
    • Expansion header provides access to Vss, Vdd, 32 I/O pins (28 for any use, 2 are I2C bus, and two are optional Tx/Rx if connected to USB power)
    • Measures 2" x 3" (5.1 cm x 7.6 cm)

    For tutorials and more information on the Parallax Quickstart board, click here!

    This board doesn't come with a mini-B USB cable or bumpers, but we stock them in the shop so you may want to pick those up.


  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+


    • Dimensions: 76mm x 51mm x 9mm (3in x 2in x 0.36in)
    • Weight: 20g

    For product support, replacement parts and warranty for Parallax products click here.