4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converter - BSS138

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Because the Arduino (and Basic Stamp) are 5V devices, and most modern sensors, displays, flashcards, and modes are 3.3V-only, many makers find that they need to perform level shifting/conversion to protect the 3.3V device from 5V. Here we've got a 4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converter that has open-drain-with-10K-pullups outputs, great for logic level conversion of interfaces.

We do have some other handy level shifters in the shop, from the DIP 74LVC245 to the fancy bi-directional TXB0108. However, neither of these are happy to work with I2C, which uses a funky pull-up system to transfer data back and forth. This level shifter board combines the ease-of-use of the bi-directional TXB0108 with an I2C-compatible FET design following NXP's app note.

This breakout has 4 BSS138 FETs with 10K pullups. It works down to 1.8V on the low side, and up to 10V on the high side. The 10K's do make the interface a little more sluggish than using a TXB0108 or 74LVC245 so we suggest checking those out if you need high-speed transfer. Also not good for driving loads from the high side, this is logic level conversion only.

While we designed it for use with I2C, this works as well for  TTL Serial,  slow <2MHz SPI, and any other digital interface both uni-directional and bidirectional. Comes with a fully assembled, and tested PCB with 4 full bidirectional converter lines as well as 2 pieces of a 6-pin header you can solder on to plug into a breadboard or perfboard.

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