Adafruit Chainable DS18B20 Extender Breakout - STEMMA JST PH 2mm

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One of the perks of working at adafruit is you get to request hardware - and you'll probably get fast turnaround! One of our developers requested "an easy way to chain DS18B20 sensors for testing with's wippersnapper service" at 11:54am one Monday morning, and after a few back-and-forth's we came up with the Adafruit Chainable DS18B20 Extender Breakout. Bit of a mouth-full, but we're better engineers than marketers doncha-know.

While there is absolutely nothing stopping you from just wiring up DS18B20's directly to your microcontroller, these extender breakouts will make things just a lil bit easier. You can use JST 3-pin cables to chain the extenders, the soldered-on screw terminal blocks mean you can easily connect DS18B20's in TO-92 or cable style with just a screwdriver. 

Each extender has a 4.7K signal pullup on board that can be disabled by cutting a trace, and a buffered signal LED that will let you know when there's data transmission on the 1-Wire line. When the red LED blinks, you know that data is going over the 1-wire line.

Please Note: This board doesn't come with a DS18B20 sensor itself; it's just an adapter-helper. You supply the sensor + a JST PH-compatible 3-pin cable.

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Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 25.3mm x 18.0mm x 10.2mm / 1.0" x 0.7" x 0.4"

Product Weight: 3.1g / 0.1oz