Adafruit SEN54 or SEN55 Adapter Breakout - STEMMA QT / Qwiic

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Now you can quickly integrate the Sensirion SEN54 / SEN55 environmental sensor node into your microcontroller or microcomputer project, with no soldering or fiddly breadboarding - thanks to this here Adafruit SEN54 or SEN55 Adapter Breakout. We covered the awesome Sensirion SEN54 / SEN55 environmental sensor nodes on EYE ON NPI a while ago, it's an awesome all-in-one air quality sensor, but has the annoyance that it requires 5V power and it has a special cable connection.

This adapter breakout will make an instant friendship with all SEN5x boards, thanks to a JST GH-compatible connector in the middle so that you can plug a 6-pin GH cable directly between your SEN and this adapter. In the middle is a small switch-cap boost converter that will generate 5V at 100mA to power the fan and electronics in the SEN5x even if you're using 3V power and logic. Then you can use any ol' STEMMA QT cable to plug into your Metro, Feather, QT Py, Raspberry Pi, etc etc. I2C port.

Once you've got it plugged together, you can run Sensirion's Arduino library or Raspberry Pi Python library to read temperature, humidity, VOC, Particulate Matter PM1 / PM2.5 / PM4 and PM10. (NOx reading is also available on the SEN55)

Please note: this board does NOT come with a JST GH-compatible cable NOR a SEN5x sensor! You can pick up the cable here, and a SEN5x from DigiKey.

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