Ceramic Sharp Point Tweezers

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You'll need a good pair of tweezers when soldering delicate surface-mount (SMD/SMT) components. These are a great pair of precision, heat-resistant tweezers. They've got a metal body and ceramic inset tips, so they are anti-magnetic and will not bend with use. The tips are fine and pointy to pick up components without risk of scratching, and because they are ceramic, they are also excellent for holding parts during hot air rework or if you're going to get close with your soldering iron.

This particular model is ~13cm long. With the tips open, it has a 10mm / 0.4" gap, allowing you to pick fairly large TQFPs and SSOPs for steady placement while soldering.

Please note that these are really pointy and will easily point themselves into your finger, so be careful! If you want pointy but not super-pointy tweezers, check out this version.

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