Pixelblaze Sensor Expansion Board

Product ID: 5944


The Pixelblaze Sensor Expansion Board makes it easy to write patterns that use sound, accelerometer/tilt, or light to create reactive patterns. Normalized frequency data, acceleration, and light data are fed directly into your pattern as variables so you can focus on using the data instead of processing it. No libraries needed.

  • A line-in jack and microphone (switches automatically), dedicated signal processing with frequency data ranging from 37Hz-10KHz designed to work in loud environments
  • 32 band frequency data, amplitude, and strongest frequency detection
  • 3-axis accelerometer, ±16 G per axis
  • Ambient light sensor, from darkness to daylight
  • 5 additional analog inputs

It's incredibly small, fitting on top of a Pixelblaze Standard, or tucked away where ever you need the sensor inputs.

Technical Details

For detailed specs and example code, see the Sensor Expansion Board documentation.