Small Pink Anti-Static Zip Top Bag - 2" x 3" - 100 Pack

Product ID: 5935
Qty Discount
1-9 $3.50
10-99 $3.15
100+ $2.80


These baggies are great for carrying and transporting small electronics, especially delicate or ESD-sensitive PCBs and other parts and components. We have a ton of extras in the warehouse and thought folks might be interested since we often use heat-sealed (and thus, not reusable) bags these days.

Comes in a handy-sized pack of approximately 100 zipper-locked reusable antistatic bags in Adafruit pink.

Please note: these are packed by weight, you may get as few as 98 bags, but you may also get up to 102! However, we find that we almost always have exactly 100.

We also have 2" x 3.5" anti-static baggies.

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