iFixit FixMat - Premium Magnetic Mat For Teardowns and Repairs - with ESD Project Tray

Product ID: 5908


Be the architect of your perfect project! iFixit took the writability and magnetic security of their Magnetic Project Mat, mixed it with the sortability of the Anti-Static Project Tray, kept the ESD-safe properties of both, and added stackability—resulting in our next generation of premium project mat.

The FixMat features two ways to keep track of screws and small parts: lay them on the magnetic, gridded, dry-erase surface, or drop them in the easy-access sorting bins. Tackle more complex projects thanks to upgraded surface graphics and an included 0.5 mm, rollaway-proof pen. In the spirit of Adam Savage: if you're not writing it down, you're just screwing around.

Want to take FixMat on the go? The stiff backing and raised lip allow safe transportation of even the most complex projects, plus it’s infinitely stackable. And of course, do it all secure in the knowledge that static discharge doesn’t stand a chance. It’s the blueprint for a successful repair.

Please note that this mat and tray are not heat-resistant silicone, so we don't recommend soldering or hot-airing directly against the mat without a fixture holding your board!

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Technical Details


  • Strong sheet magnet secures and organizes ferrous (magnetizable) parts.
  • Integrated sorting bins are ergonomically curved for easy part retrieval.
  • Wedge profile allows for convenient stacking of multiple mats.
  • Upgraded surface graphics and a rollaway-proof dry-erase pen allow for detailed note-taking.
  • Non-slip, sturdy foam backing keeps your project where you need it.
  • Everything is ESD-Safe to keep sensitive electronics protected.