Mini Brass Hot Plate Preheater with USB-C PD or DC - MHP50-B5

Product ID: 5903


If you loved the original Mini Hot Plate MHP30, but always wanted a little more space and oomph - there's now a second version, the MHP50! With 1.5x~2.5x more power than the MHP30, it heats up faster and has a bigger rework area.

The MHP50 Mini Hot Plate Preheater can be powered with USB C PD at 20V for 100W, or 20~24V DC for 150W. It's the perfect solution for warming up small PCBs for desoldering/rework AND feeling like a sorcerer conjuring through alchemy. This upgraded version comes with a larger 5x5cm brass hot plate with a heat-resistant coating, lower center of gravity so you don't have to worry about tipping over, color TFT instead of mono OLED, and two input power options.

While you could have a full-blown (pun intended) hot air rework station, this lil' preheater is a fast and portable option. Takes approximately 150 seconds to go from room temperature to 300ºC. The mini-tower-shaped controller has a color LCD display and two buttons. There's also an LED that changes color as the temperature rises. Other smart modes include preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up, and automatic sleep.

We use ours to reflow small PCBs with solder paste, or to rework boards by heating them up so we can easily remove or re-align components.

Kit includes:

  • MHP50 Controller and Hot Plate 
  • Silicone USB C Cable (20V 5A) Note that a 20V 5A USB PD power supply is not included! You'll need to pick up a 100W 'laptop' power supply with USB type C PD support, if you don't have one.
  • User manual 


Technical Details


  • Heating surface area: 50mm x 50mm
  • Temperature range: 100-350ºC
  • Temperature stability: ±3%
  • Input voltage (use only one input): DC 19-24V / PD 20V
  • Max power: DC5525 12-24V 150W or PD 20V 100W

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