Mini Leaded Solder Spool - 0.8mm Diameter - 50 grams

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High-quality rosin core welding wire is easy to solder and has a smooth flow, fast soldering speed, and strong soldering point. It has great soldering ability and is especially suitable for circuit board maintenance, DIY, home improvement, cable/TV/radio/stereo/toys, and other electronic device maintenance.

If you want to make a kit, you'll need some solder. This 0.1 lb (about 50 grams) spool is a good amount, not too much (like 1 lb spools) and not too little (like those little 'pocket clip' vials).

This spool of solder contains approximately 0.8mm / .02" diameter of lead-tin formulation. It is not lead-free solder, so it is not for lead-free/RoHS shops. However, it's a joy to use for kit builders, much easier than lead-free, and great for beginners. For flux, it contains a 'no clean' rosin core.

This diameter solder is best for through-hole soldering as it's a bit thicker than 0.5mm or 0.3mm, but it could also be used for SMT/fine-pitch work if you're in a pinch.

This is "60/40" leaded solder with 37% Pb (Lead), 63% Sn (Tin), and trace Ag (Silver) and Cu (Copper). Even though this is not truly 60/40, it is close enough for us to consider it a replacement.