CircuitPython 9 Poster

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Can you believe CircuitPython is now in its ninth iteration? That's right! NINE, arguably the most rock and roll number, from "Revolution 9" to Nine Inch Nails to "If 6 Was 9", "Public Animal #9", "Karn Evil 9"– listen, we could keep listing them all day, but we gotta keep building upon the coding future for all makers.

CircuitPython 9 incorporates recent updates and improvements from MicroPython. It also updates to the most recent version of the base software provided by Espressif for their chips. CIRCUITPY drives can now be used on Android. USB Host support is now available on i.MX and RP2040 chips. There is more support for image processing and manipulation, including JPEG decoding.

We sometimes look to the past for inspiration, so we're celebrating this new release in "software box art" style here. You may remember when software came in a box - now with download-only, you probably miss the shrink-wrap, the CD-ROMs, and even the cool release posters you'd sometimes snag.

And since you're a CircuitPython fan (right?) we wanted to give you a lovely poster you can use to hang up in your python den. We already have the Blinka, the friendliest coding snake, on a sticker and a temporary tattoo. And now she's on a brand new, lovely, cyberpunk-y poster that will look rad in your workspace or den! She will provide the nicest moral support in your darkest coding (writer's) block.

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