Double-Sided Single Color 12V LED Strip - Natural White 4500K - 1 meter

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  1. Warm White 3000K $7.50
  2. Natural White 4500K $7.50
  3. Cool White 6000K $7.50
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They're bright, they're white, and they light up the night - look at them too close, and you may get spots in your sight... This is a Single Color, Double-Sided LED strip with 336 bright 2.6mm x 3.2mm white LEDs adorning both surfaces of a 6mm wide, 1 meter long LED strip.

We particularly like these strips because they are both incredibly bright and provide near-360-degree illumination, with a thin strip so it can easily be integrated into any design.

This strip variant has ~4500K 'natural' white LEDs. These sit between warm and cool, so they're good for clean, indoor lighting effects that aren't too intense.

Each order gets a 1-meter-long strip with 2 power wires in red & black. Provide 9V (bright) to 12V (very bright!) and the strip starts to glow. The strip draws about 950 milliAmps maximum at 12V and 275mA at 9V. You can cut this strip down if needed and even re-solder it - there are cuttable sections every 17.5mm with solder nubs.

Note these are not 'NeoPixel' LED strips; you cannot turn individual LEDs on or offThis guide on analog RGB LED strip control will show you how it works - you'll want a microcontroller with a PWM output and N-MOSFETs or a ULN2803 to control the power to the entire LED element.

Play video: New Products 2/21/24 Feat. Double-Sided Single Color 12V #LEDStrip - Natural White - 1m!

Technical Details

Overall LED strip dimensions:

  •  1000mm length x 6mm width x 1.8mm height
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant