ESP32-S3 Korvo 2 Main Development Board

Product ID: 5829


The ESP32-S3-Korvo-2 is a multimedia development board based on the ESP32-S3 chip. It is equipped with a two-microphone array, which is great for voice recognition and near/far-field voice wake-up applications. The board can integrate multiple peripherals such as LCD, camera, and microSD card. It also supports JPEG video stream processing. With all of its outstanding features, the board is an ideal choice for the development of low-cost and low-power network-connected audio and video products.

Please Note: this is a 'barebones' dev board, and does not come with camera, speaker, or LCD module - it's for advanced hackers who have that hardware already!

Included Hardware:

  • 1 x ESP32-S3-Korvo-2 V3.0 (LCD display not included)

Optional Hardware (not included):

Technical Details