Official Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler

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The Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 and the Raspberry Pi 5 Case. Designed for anyone who wants to push the performance of their Pi, as well as overclockers and other power users, it keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even when under heavy load thanks to both a mini heatsink that goes on top of your CPU and a fan that clips into the official Raspberry Pi 5 case.

Great for makers who wish to use the board uncased under continuous heavy load without throttling. It attaches to the board via two new mounting holes and connects to the same four-pin JST connector as the case fan.

A radial blower, again selected for low noise and extended operating lifetime, pushes air through an extruded and milled aluminum heatsink. Both the case and the Active Cooler are able to keep Raspberry Pi 5 well below the thermal throttle point for typical ambient temperatures and worst-case loads. The cooling performance of the Active Cooler is somewhat superior, making it particularly suitable for overclockers.

Please note: You do not need a fan for your Pi as it will automatically adjust its speed to avoid overheating. The fan is designed for use cases where you need to run it at top speed for a long time, say during some Machine Learning, rendering, emulation, or video playback.


  • Fits perfectly into Raspberry Pi 5 Case - Note that this item doesn't come with the case; you need to purchase that separately!
  • Temperature-controlled fan delivers up to 1.4CFM of airflow over the processor memory and power management IC

Additional note: This product is only the fan. Raspberry Pi 5 case is not included

Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


Print a 3D snap fit case for the Raspberry Pi 5