Square RGB TTL TFT Display - 4" 720x720 - with Capacitive Touch - TL040HDS20CT-B1502A

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This is a screen for advanced hackers who like the look of a big rectangular TFT screen with tons of pixels and a capacitive touchscreen overlay. The 4" display has 720x720 16-bit full-color pixels and is an IPS display, so the color looks great up to 80 degrees off-axis in any direction.

The TFT driver is ST7701S and uses both TTL RGB 'dot clock' data. Note that unlike the other funky-shaped displays, this particular model does not require SPI pre-configuration. It pops up immediately into 'RGB' mode - which makes it a great panel to start with. However, note that despite having a 40-pin connector, it does not have the same pinout as standard 'rectangular' 800x480 (4.3", 5" or 7") or 480x272 (4.3") displays. It's a new kind of beast for sure.

To make stuff light up you'll need a chip that can perform TTL RGB TFT driving, which means a powerful microcontroller such as the ESP32-S3 with octal PSRAM or a computer like a Raspberry Pi (with either direct-DPI connection or an intermediary chip like the ICN6211). Either way, it's not something you can wire up to your Feather or Arduino!

This is just the display module! No PCB is included! Check out the Adafruit Qualia ESP32-S3 for TTL RGB-666 Display!

Play video: #NewProds 9/06/23 Feat. 2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino w/ Resistive Touch Screen v2 -STEMMA QT!

Technical Details


Use the new Qualia ESP32-S3 to add a higher resolution Dot Clock RGB-666 Display to your next project
Use the Qualia Helper Library to Simplify your Qualia ESP32-S3 Projects