Mosfetti 4 Channel MOSFET Driver Board by Monk Makes

Product ID: 5757


Looking for a small compact board to power up your high current relays, solenoids or LEDs? Well, look no further this new 4 channel Mosfetti by Monk Makes board is just what you need for driving up to 2 Amps per channel (2.5A max total) and up to 16V DC power.

The Mosfetti is a 4 channel MOSFET switch designed for maker projects. It is supplied as a PCB with surface mount components attached and header pins and screw terminals as a kit for the customer to solder if desired. Designed for use with RVs, model railroads, strobe lights, irrigation pumps or anything else you may want to control with ease!

  • Resettable ‘polyfuse’ to protect against over-current, 2.5A max total
  • Power indicator LED
  • LED indicator for each channel
  • Low-side switching up to 2A per channel
  • Flyback diode on each channel for inductive loads such as pumps, motors, relays or solenoids

Technical Details