Micro Connector Crimping Pliers - PA-24

Product ID: 5682


Make cables and wiring harnesses with ease using the best crimping pliers we've used. These especially light, ergonomic, precision-machined crimpers will turn you into a pro, with no more painful struggles with pliers and generic crimpers that smoosh your contacts so they won't fit properly.

This model does a wide range of the most common connectors, including but not limited to JST XH, PH, EH & NH series, Molex Micro-Fit, KK series, etc. AWG #32-#18

There's a great website at ENGINEER Co. with lots of details, including a detailed compatibility chart. There is also a video tutorial showing how to use the tool, so please check it out! Come for the instructions; stay for the super funky background music, the charming voiceover, and, of course, Takasaki-san.


  • Constructed for 2.5mm pitch connector contacts of different connector manufacturers, works with JST XH, PH, EH & NH series, Molex Micro-Fit, KK series, etc.  AWG #32-#18
  • Perfectly crimps triangular insulation barrel (lugs) of DuPont (Servo) connector, Molex C-Grid III, etc. without damaging the insulations.
  • 6 Crimping Dies ('m'-shaped crimp: 1.3, 1.6, 1.9 & 2.2mm 
  • Round crimp: φ1.4 & φ1.8mm) for open-barrel contacts
  • Built-in screw cutter (M2, M2.6 & M3)
  • Tapered and slender jaws, nice and lightweight at 115g 
  • Spring loaded (on the back side), with a locking latch for easy handling

Technical Details