W25Q64JVXGIQ - 3V 64Mbit / 8 MB QSPI NOR Flash Memory - 10 Pack

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These little chips are like miniature SSD drives for your electronics. When you don't need something with as much storage as a micro SD card, but an EEPROM is too small, SPI (or QSPI) Flash chips give you on-the-order-of megabytes, with little cost and complexity. We use these chips all the time on our RP2040 and CircuitPython boards to let folks store code and assets like animations, fonts, images, configurations, audio clips, etc! A great way to add datalogging storage as well.

This chip has 8 MByte of non-volatile storage (64 mega-bits) and is well supported by CircuitPython and also our Arduino SPI Flash library. The standard SOIC size is fairly easy to solder, and it has the standard FLASH chip pinout so its good for just about any FLASH use including FPGAs or flash-less microcontrollers

We use this exact chip for all our RP2040 projects, its got plenty of room at a great price. This product comes with 10 chips in a cut-tape strip!

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