Heating Core Replacement for Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Rework Station

Product ID: 5655


While your sturdy and reliable hot air rework station will last a long while, the heating core has a shorter lifespan. Here's a replacement part to get that hot air nice and sweltering for reflow, and you're right on your way to reworking your project.

This is the official Heating Core Replacement for the Quick 957DW+ Hot Air Rework Station, but it may also fit other hot air stations (which we don't guarantee!)


  • Imported infrared ceramic heater, fast heating, high efficiency, long lifetime.
  • Built-in thermometer can check PCB temperature.
  • Closed-loop sensor, PID control, temperature accurate and stable.
  • Suitable for PCB preheating and other processes which requires whole and even heating.

Technical Details


Power Consumption:400 W
Heating Area:130×130mm
Plate Material:Ceramic heater
Temperature Sensor:K-type thermocouple
Temperature Range:50℃-350℃
Range of Thermometer:0-600℃
Ambient Conditions:0-40℃
Temperature Stability:±1℃
Weight:About 2.5kg

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