Snap Action 2-to-6 Wiring Block Connector - Clear DF-62

Product ID: 5615


Snap action blocks are perfect when you have to quickly wire up a bunch of free-hanging components, and you don't want to solder. They're much easier to use than wire nuts, and of course, they are reuseable and do not require any crimping!

This is a 2 to 6 wire block: there are two separate inputs and two sets of three outputs. They're color-coded so easy to follow; the blue and red inputs match the colored outputs. Great for basic power or signal fan-outs.

Each block connector has a metal block inside and levers that snap open and close to bind stranded/solid-core wire from 12 AWG down to 24 AWG. No screwdrivers or crimpers required, making them super handy for free wiring. Each block is marked to handle up to 32A at 250V, but we haven't tested them at such high power uses - we're selling them for maker projects that would be 10A at 24V max.

Technical Details