Builder's Mat by MOC Industries - 45 x 30cm

Product ID: 5598


Here is a sleek and self-healing hobby mat designed for LEGO® and other brick-builders of all experience levels. The material is very similar to hobby/sewing/cutting mats. The grid design includes helpful layout grids and two radius angle guides. In the upper left corner you get a neat little reference legend for "brick math" along with the height of a LEGO miniature for scale.

Key Features:

  • Grid of stacked plates, useful for walls and snot, and a normal studs up grid
  • Labeled axes for quickly finding heights and lengths
  • Arches for creating circles at varying radii of studs
  • Angles for common slopes and wedges
  • 45x30cm (~17.7"x11.8") size
  • Calculator and common piece dimensions key for brick / LEGO® math

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