Monk Makes Plant Monitor - Capacitive Moisture Meter - Temperature & Relative Humidity

Product ID: 5587


If you're like me and have trouble keeping your calatheas and pepperomias happy and not overwatering them to root rot ruin, why not take a gander at the Plant Monitor from Ada-friend Monk Makes. Its a super easy and friendly way to get started with sensing & gardening projects with no soldering required.

This garden-stake-looking PCB gives you capacitive measurement of soil moisture. Capacitive measurements use only one probe, don't have any exposed metal, and don't introduce any DC currents into your plant friends and you wont get corroded contacts after a few months. Not only can it measure soil moisture but also temperature and relative humidity measurement.

It's compatible with the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Pico, Pico W, and most microcontroller boards. Best used with boards that have alligator clip pads like the micro:bit.

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Get started with the MonkMakes Plant Monitor moisture, temperature and humidity sensor with a Circuit Playground Express