Electronics Notebook from Monk Makes

Product ID: 5586


From famed author and kit-designer Monk Makes comes the Electronics Notebook. Perfect for the boffin in your life (or the inner-boffin you're harboring inside). Put your own ideas, diagrams, calculations & notes down in these 158 pages of engineering graph paper. It's spiral-bound so easy to use in lab or lay flat on a table.

The inner pages alternate with plain graph paper and a 'mock breadboard' that is great for documenting analog or digital circuitry - it's like a paper version of Fritzing. We imagine Simon Monk used this layout to design all of his book diagrams

Also comes with some handy reference sheets:

  • Microcontroller programming cheat sheet
  • Common circuits and calculations
  • Pinouts
  • Resistor color codes
  • ASCII table

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 297.0mm x 210.0mm x 16.0mm / 11.7" x 8.3" x 0.6"