Magnetic Right Angle USB Type C Adapter - 120W Data and Power

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We picked up this adapter to 'MagSafe'-ify our laptop and found it so handy we figured we'd stock it in the shop as well. This is a right-angle Type C adapter, capable of handling 120W of power, so its perfect for laptop charging scenarios, but also has data lines so you can use it for any other sort of devices.

Plug your USB C power (or data!) cable into the one end, then insert the little magnetic nub into your devices charging port. Now you basically have a quick-detach USB C connector with a magnetic alignment. Easy to plug in whenever, no worries if the cable is yanked or twisted. There's a blue LED to let you know that its seated right.

Works great with any device or cable that has a USB C port. There are no active components in this adapter, it just takes one port and rotates it 90 degrees - connecting all the pins from one end to the other. Since USB C is reversible you can flip it for a left angle or right angle.

We tested this cable with a Macbook M1 and a Windows computer: both were able to pass data as well as power (e.g. a microcontroller board device appeared when plugged in via the adapter)

We also carry other USB C adapters, like USB A to USB CMicro B USB to USB C, and a number of USB C adapters for panel mounted projects.

Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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