Black Woven USB A or Type-C to Type-C Cable with Magnetic Tip - 1 meter long

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Some days we're feeling extra fancy here at the 'fruit warehouse, and we have a big soft spot for woven fabric cables. Like, peep this fully reversible pink/purple Blinka-inspired cable or this mithril-like 3-in-1 Sync and Charge cable. Our latest addition to the collection is this 1 meter long Black Magnetic USB A or USB C to USB C Cable with a Magnetic Type C tip! It's a luxurious cable that will make managing lots of dev boards or gadgets super easy.

First up, the 'host part' of the cable has a USB A end, but if you pull the cap off, it reveals a USB C connector - so you can use this with any computer no matter what port is available!

The real magic is on the device end - the USB C end is a removable magnetic end that lets you quickly connect or disconnect with magnetic alignment. It's like having a 'MagSafe' connector for everything. Works with any and all devices, for both data and power, up to 100 Watts.

If you want to swap between more than one devices, pick up more USB C tips here. Click here for the Magnetic to USB micro B Plug Tip.

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