Biology Girl Badge Soldering Kit by Elkei Education

Product ID: 5496


Peep the ROAR! Awards 2019 Gold Winner for Best Teen-Tween Product, from down under comes the Biology Girl Soldering Kit from Elkei Education! Project-based kits are a great way to show how to work with circuits, how to troubleshoot, and the possibilities of what you can create in a guided activity. 

Kit includes a custom-designed printed circuit board, LEDs, on/off switch, badge pin and clasp, and secure battery holder.

The PCB is a gorgeous 'stained glass effect' mix of jewel tone green, blue and silver, so it's more than a soldering kit, it's also a piece of jewelry.

Instructions are printed on the back of the card as well as an assembly video on their YouTube channel.

Does not include coin cell batterysolder wire, or soldering ironIntended for older kids only; coin cell batteries are a swallowing hazard. Requires soldering assembly - but that's the fun part!

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