Tactile Switch Assortment - 25 Different Buttons - 10 pcs each - Through Hole and Surface Mount

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When designing your next PCB, if you're not sure what sort of tactile switches you can fit, or how they would look, this Tactile Switch Assortment with 25 Different Buttons (10 pcs each type) is incredibly handy! You get just enough that you can prototype and even lose a couple pieces, but not so many that you're drowning in buttons.

Also great for repair, if you're not positive of what tactile switch is in the appliance or device you're using. 

Each switch is momentary-type, where the contacts on either side close when the button is pressed. Some have 4 legs since there's duplicate connections - that doesn't mean there's two separate switches. Use a multimeter on continuity mode if you're not sure of how the tact switch is set up.

These work best soldered into a PCB but many of the through-hole type can be used on a solderless breadboard as shown in this tutorial.


  1. 6mm x 6mm x 5mm
  2. 6mm x 6mm x 4.3mm
  3. 6mm x 6mm x 5mm
  4. 12mm x 12mm x 10mm
  5. 6mm x 6mm x 5mm
  6. 2mm x 4mm x 3.5mm
  7. 3mm x 6mm x 2.5mm
  8. 3mm x 6mm x 5mm
  9. 3mm x 6mm x 4.3mm
  10. 3mm x 6mm x 5mm
  11. 3mm x 6mm x 3.5mm
  12. 3mm x 6mm x 2.5mm
  13. 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 1.5mm
  14. 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 3.8mm
  15. 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 5mm
  16. 4mm x 4mm x 1.5mm
  17. 4mm x 4mm x 0.8mm
  18. 6mm x 6mm x 3.1mm
  19. 6mm x 6mm x 5mm
  20. 6mm x 6mm x 5mm
  21. 3mm x 4mm x 2mm
  22. 3mm x 3.5mm x 1.9mm
  23. 12mm x 12mm x 5mm
  24. 12mm x 12mm x 7.3mm
  25. 12mm x 12mm x 5mm

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