Miniature Wired LEDs - 0805 SMT LED - Pure Green - 5 pack

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These ultra-fine wired LEDs are designed for model-makers and crafters but they could also come in handy for folks who want to add tiny points of light to a design without needing SMT-level soldering skills. Use this five-pack bundle of Miniature Wired 0805 LEDs for easy-breezy LED wiring. They're very small (2mm x 1.25mm), so they're easy to embed into any structure, costume, or wearable.

Wires are approximately 30cm long, 30AWG wire wrap wire. The wires can be sewn over, or embedded in a casing. Since the wires are single-strand wire-wrap they will hold their shape and can be threaded through a small space.

There are no series resistors installed in the strand, if you want to use another supply you will need to calculate and solder in a resistor. Like most pure LEDs these have a forward voltage of about 3.2V and a current limit of about 20mA - follow our LED wiring/usage guide for tips on how to control them. Red is positive (anode) and blue is negative (cathode)

Please note: These LEDs do not have any strain relief at the solder joint, so they are extraordinarily delicate. when bending the wire, make sure to hold the LED by the wires to avoid any stresses on the solder point itself.

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Illuminate your bricks with tiny LEDs!