Rainbow Allen Wrench / Hex Key Set - Metric 9 Piece

Product ID: 5473


Why settle for a boring old hex key set when you can get one with a burst of color like this 9 Piece Rainbow Metric Allen Wrench / Hex Key Set. If your DIY project has hexagonal screws, you’re gonna need hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches or Allen keys) - and we always like it when our tools are a little snazzy.

This wrench set doesn't just look good - it's also great quality and will last you decades. Each key has a mirror shine finish and comes with a straight end or a ball end. With a 25º entry angle, a ball end makes it super easy to use if you have beaucoup screws to loosen or tighten. Great for working on bicycles, appliance or furniture repair, and other kinds of mechanical maintenance that may be lingering on your honey-do list! 

Sizes are embossed both on the hex keys and on the minimal rubber carrying case. Also included is a palm-sized torque handle so you don't have to Hulk out.

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