Mini Traffic Light - 6.5cm tall

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What is this, a traffic light for ants?? Yes! No, we jest again, the scaling would be completely off. Here's an adorably Lilliputian Mini Traffic Light, perfect for miniature sets, dioramas, dollhouses, mini-verses, what have you! 

Simply power up with 3V-6V the LEDs are common anode. Connect positive to the black wire (anode) and negative to either of the red, yellow, and green wires to light up their respective LEDs.

Play video: New Products 5/11/2022 Featuring Mini Traffic Light - 6.5cm tall!

Technical Details


  • Power: 3V-6V
  • Current: 60mA total / 20mA per LED
  • Dimensions:
    • Traffic light head width: 0.7cm
    • Traffic light length (excluding wires): 6.5cm
    • Wires length: ~24cm


Control oncoming human traffic