Solderless Breadboard for Raspberry Pi Pico by Monk Makes

Product ID: 5422


It can be tricky to work out which pin is which when the Raspberry Pi Pico is attached to solderless breadboard. Luckily, the MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico solves this problem by labeling the Pico pins on the breadboard.

This cute 3.2″ × 2.1″ (82 × 53mm) solderless half-size breadboard has four bus lines and 30 rows of pins, our favorite size of solderless breadboard for projects. You get a whoppin' 400 tie points!

The board also has an adhesive backing, making it super easy to mount the breadboard to a chassis for your next robot friend! 

We also carry a half-size breadboard with mounting holes.

Does not include a Raspberry Pi Pico, but you can grab one here.

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Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant


Create WiFi connected projects with the Pico W and CircuitPython!