Magnetic USB Charging Cable for 4 Pin 0.1" Magnetic Connector - 60cm long

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If you love power adapters or toys & gadgets that have magnetic connections, you can now experiment with these futuristic connectors easily. This is a DIY "MagSafe-styled" USB cable, with four 0.1" spaced contact pogo pins that feed to a standard USB-A connector on the other side. Each pogo connects to power, ground, D+ and D-. 

Connect with another other 4-pin half and the embedded magnets attract, making a firm connection and assuring that all the pogos make contact. If you try to connect the contacts backward, they will repel! If you've ever owned a MacBook or a littleBits set, you'll find the functionality familiar.

Perfect for USB power/data connections on any microcontroller or maybe a keyboard?

Note: This cable only comes the cable that has a magnetic connector on the end. You don't get the matching connector - we'll try to get a future version that does. The cable matches up with this four contact pin DIY magnetic connector set so you'll also need to pick up one of those kits.

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