Through Hole Inline Pogo Pin Header - 9 Pins with 0.1" Spacing

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Pogo pins are little spring-loaded contacts, very handy for making jigs, or making momentary (but electrically solid) contacts. We use them by the dozen for making programming and testing jigs but they're handy also if say you want to JTAG program a board that you can't solder headers to.

Most pogo's come as individual pins, that must be soldered into a jig to make contact. But maybe your board has 0.1" spacing already and you don't want to make a custom PCB? In that case you can use this Pogo Pin "Header" strip, with 9 pogos in a row with 2.54mm / 0.1" spacing. There's thin stems that could be soldered into a proto or perf board. The tops are rounded and individually springy

You could snap or cut these to make smaller bits but you may lose a pogo pin in between so keep that in mind.

Comes with a single in-line 9-pin pogo header.

Check out our tutorial on how we make pogo-pin jigs!

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