Browndages Adult-Size Bandages - 20 Bandages in 5 Tones

Product ID: 5313


Browndages is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Rashid and Intisar. In their house, with three children, they went through bandages as quick as they could buy them.

Rashid had the idea to produce a bandage that matches the varying shades of brown, not only in their family but throughout the world.
Intisar took it one step further and decided to also produce a bandage with images that would be both representative for their children, and inspirational.
Thus, Browndages was born!

The hope is that Browndages will become a household name for your family and also serve as positive inspiration for your children.

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Technical Details

  • Single bandage: 0.75" x 3" / 1.9 x 7.6cm