Black Zipper Sleeve Case with Handle for Raspberry Pi 400

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How many bags and pockets does an OTG (On The Go) maker need to carry their electronics when away from their desk? The world may never know. 

We get serious satisfaction when things fit into other things, so we fell in love with this zipper sleeve case as it is the exact perfect size for a Raspberry Pi 400! Of course, it can also fit other keyboards that are no more than 310mm / 12.2" long and 150mm / 6" wide. Its got a stiff outer layer to protect the delicate electronics from smushing, and soft padding to keep parts cozy on the inside.

There's even a grippy handle and an inside mesh pocket that you can use to stash accessories like mice, USB cables, alligator clips, jumper wires, extra batteries, etc! Not too big and not too small, the perfect carrying size and pops easily into a bigger bag, if needed. Comes in classic Adafruit Black.

Please note: While the case is roomy and accomodating, we recommend against cramming too many accessories or electronics in the pouch and sleeve.

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Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 304.0mm x 152.4mm x 34.5mm / 12.0" x 6.0" x 1.4"