Hot Air Helper Rework Station Plate with Two Ring Clamps

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There's always that point in a hot-air rework session where you're just holding the wand and thinking "man I wish there was a way for me to not hold this unwieldy thing". You could try to rig up some sort of clamp assembly or you can get right to it with this Hot Air Helper - which does exactly what you need: hold that want vertically so that you can use both your mitts for poking and prodding components.

This set-up is an arm and shoulder-saver, keeping your rework from becoming a rework-out! You can steady yourself with minimal effort for precise soldering and rework. The metal plate weighs 714 grams (about a pound and a half!) and keeps your PCB from moving around so you don't have to worry about it shifting while you're trying to heat up a stubborn component.

Some light assembly required. Does not include hot air rework station or PCB holders. This holder worked with all the rework stations we tried thanks to the two clamp sizes and multiple set-screws.


  • Stainless Steel Plate - 25cm x 20cm
  • Metal Rod - 23cm long
  • Large Clamp - approx 64mm inner diameter
  • Small Clamp - approx 42mm inner diameter
  • 12 x Set screws for fixing the clamp onto the wand
  • 4 x Rubber Feet