ZeroDock Accessory Storage and Prototyping for Raspberry Pi Zero

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The ZeroDock is an all-in-one desktop prototyping dock for your Raspberry Pi Zero.

The ZeroDock will keep your workplace tidy with all of your Raspberry Pi Zero accessories in one place. No more frustrated searching for your microSD cards, SD adapters, HDMI adaptersUSB SHIMsprototyping accessories, or even the Raspberry Pi Zero itself.

It’s all here, every time you’re ready to prototype a project, in one neat and tidy package.

All of the Raspberry Pi Zero ports are accessible from the ZeroDock, including the camera port and reset/composite pin header. pHATs are also not obstructed, so you’re free to prototype with your favorite add-on boards.

The case is a stylish mix of clear and black acrylic layers, black fixings, and a clear solderless mini-breadboard.

Kit includes:

  • 4 layer laser-cut acrylic case
  • Slots for Raspberry Pi fixings
  • Solderless mini-breadboard
  • Screws, nuts, and rubber feet

Please note: Simple assembly is required. Please see the assembly guide.  Raspberry Pi Zero & accessories shown in the demo picture are not included (but the wee breadboard is!)

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