128MB micro SD Memory Card

Product ID: 5250
  1. 64MB $3.50
  2. 128MB $3.95
  3. 256MB $4.50
  4. 512MB $4.95
  5. 8GB - Adapter Included $9.95
  6. 16GB - Adapter Included $19.95
Qty Discount
1-9 $3.95
10-99 $3.56
100+ $3.16


Add storage in a jiffy using this 128MB microSD card. Preformatted to FAT32, so it works out of the packaging with our projects. Works great with any device in the Adafruit shop that uses microSD cards. Ideal for use with Feathers, data loggers, or small Linux SBCs (not good for Raspberry Pi unless you have some special distro that will fit on such a small card)

These cards are great when you don't need a massive 8 or 16GB card. And, some old devices seem to dislike 2GB+ large SD cards because of the new access commands required for SDHC or SDXC. These are equivalent to SD class 4 speed.

Please note: this memory card does not come with an SD adapter.

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