Art Deco Cat Lamp - Soldering Kit by Elkei Education

Product ID: 5237


Create a 3D Art Deco-like Cat Lamp with this beautifully designed soldering kit from our maker friends down under, Elkei Education. When assembled and powered on, the lamp turns on when the surroundings get dark thanks to a light sensor.

Snap out the pieces in this immersion gold and matte black circuit board and start soldering and assembling.  Project-based kits are a great way to show how to work with circuits, how to troubleshoot, and the possibilities of what you can create in a guided activity.  This kit is aimed at those learning to solder, 8 years and above with adult supervision.

Kit includes a custom-designed printed circuit board, electronics components, a double-sided A3 set of detailed instructions and a QR code for assembly video. 

When complete, this lamp turns on when it gets dark using a light sensor. Put it on display and watch it come on automatically at night. This is a gorgeous kit that you'll actually enjoy for long after building!

Comes unassembled (it's a kit, dontchaknow!)
Does not include solder wire or soldering iron or diagonal cutters.

Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant