FTDI FT232BL USB to UART Chip - 10 pack

Product ID: 5227


Discontinued - you can grab FTDI Friend + extras - v1.0 instead! 

It's a blast-from-the-past with these FT232BL chips that we found while cleaning out a shelf at Adafruit. We haven't used these for years, having moved to the FT232R and CP210x. Stiiiiiiiiiilllll........with the silicon shortage, some folks may be building very old designs and need some of these ancient chips. No problem! We give you 10 pieces off of the reel, so you get one or two cut tape strips. They're a little long-in-the-tooth, and we don't recommend them for new designs, but they'll work just as you expect.

The FT232B is a USB to serial UART interface with the following advanced features:

  • Single Chip USB to Asynchronous Serial Data Transfer
  • Full Handshaking & Modem Interface Signals
  • UART I/F Supports 7 / 8 Bit Data, 1 / 2 Stop Bits and Odd/Even/Mark/Space/No Parity
  • Data rate 300 => 3M Baud (TTL)
  • Data rate 300 => 1M Baud (RS232)
  • Data rate 300 => 3M Baud (RS422/RS485)
  • 384 Byte Receive Buffer / 128 Byte Transmit Buffer for high data throughput
  • Adjustable RX buffer timeout
  • Fully Assisted Hardware or X-On / X-Off Handshaking In-built support for event characters and line break condition
  • Auto Transmit Buffer control for RS485
  • Support for USB Suspend / Resume through SLEEP# and RI# pins
  • 4.35V to 5.25V single supply operation
  • Support for high power USB Bus powered devices through PWREN# pin
  • Integrated level converter on UART and control signals for interfacing to 5V and 3.3V logic
  • Integrated 3.3V regulator for USB IO
  • Integrated Power-On-Reset circuit
  • Integrated 6MHz – 48Mhz clock multiplier PLL
  • UHCI / OHCI / EHCI host controller compatible USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible
  • USB VID, PID, Serial Number and Product Description strings in external EEPROM
  • EEPROM programmable on-board via USB
  • Available as a compact lead free RoHS compliant 32-LD LQFP package (FT232BL) or 32-LD QFN package (FT232BQ).

Technical Details

Single chip dimensions: 8.9mm x 8.9mm x 1.5mm