Cyan MA Keycaps for MX Compatible Switches - 5 pack

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1-9 $4.95
10-99 $4.46
100+ $3.96


Dress up your mechanical keys in your favorite colors with a wide selection of gumdrop-like, retro, curvy, and stylish MA profile keycaps. Here is a 5 pack of Cyan MA Keycaps for your next mechanical keyboard or NeoKey project. Snap 'em onto any Cherry MX or compatible switch to turn your Feather or breakout into the lil'est macro keypad. 

MA profile keycaps are fully symmetric in all four directions and are fairly flat so they are great for macro pads. These keycaps do not have any markings or labels. You could draw on them with a permanent marker (use a silver marker for dark keycaps, a black marker for lighter keycaps)

Note: This product is just a pack of 5 keycaps. Key switches are not included!


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