4 x 1U and 1 x 2U "Esc" Silicone Keycap Molds - MX Compatible Switches

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If you love to customize, why not level up your DIY keeb-makin' skills and craft your own set of bespoke 'caps with this keycap mold that has four "1U R1" (e.g. single function-key-like) molds and one 2U Esc Keycap Molds.  Depending on your keyboard, the key could also be used for Enter, Backspace, etc.

We recommend UV-curable resin, yes you'll need a UV lamp, but it's worth the investment: two-part resin is much messier and hard to cure if the temperature and humidity aren't just right. Check out this video for a great little tutorial on how to DIY your own custom keycaps.

Once molded, the keycaps will fit on any Cherry MX-compatible key switch. Comes with one two-piece mold that has four 1U molds and one 2U mold.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 70.0mm x 46.0mm x 16.0mm / 2.8" x 1.8" x 0.6"