Etched Glow-Through Keycap with Hackaday Logo - MX Compatible Switches

Product ID: 5116


These are not for sale! Only available to those who have won the keycap by attending our Hack-a-Day hackchat and being selected in the drawing.

Keep your 'fruit close at hand with a super-classy, custom-made Etched Hackaday Keycap. It's made with a translucent/opaque plastic that is etched to create an elegant glow-through effect. Perfect to show your hacker/maker cred on your next mechanical keyboard project.

Snaps onto any Cherry MX or compatible switch. Since the logo is centered, you'll get a glow whether you have north or south-facing switches. It's R4 profile so will work nicely as a stand-alone key or at the top row of your keyboards.

Note: This product is a single keycap, and key switches are not included!

Technical Details

  • Single keycap dimensions: 
    • Top: 14mm
    • Height: 11.6mm
    • Base: 18mm

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