Adafruit MACROPAD RP2040 Bare Bones - 3x4 Keys + Encoder + OLED

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Strap yourself in, we're launching in T-minus 10 seconds...Destination? A new Class M planet called MACROPAD! M here, stands for Microcontroller because this 3x4 keyboard controller features the newest technology from the Raspberry Pi sector: say hello to the RP2040. It's a speedy little microcontroller with lots of GPIO pins and 64 times more RAM than the Apollo Guidance Computer. We added 8 MB of flash memory for plenty of storage.
This is just the bare MACROPAD PCB assembly! Many folks in the mechanical keyboard community like to customize the keys and keycaps of their keebs, so this is sold 'bare bones' here. To use as a full product you'll need to add 12 MX-compatible key switches and matching keycaps.

Get ready to upgrade your desk's mission control station with a CircuitPython or Arduino-powered Macropad - complete with 12 buttons, OLED display, speaker, and rotary encoder. Customize it for your spacecraft to help guide you through the great reaches of the unknown. (Or just have it type out your favorite emojis.)

Each of the 12 sockets can accept a Cherry MX-compatible key switch. No soldering required, just snap it in! Use any key switch you like - but we recommend ones with slots that will allow the matching twelve NeoPixels underneath to shine through.
This spaceship is also fitted with a 128x64 monochrome OLED for a crisp heads-up display that can be used in Arduino or CircuitPython to display keymaps, stats, computer performance, etc. There's also a rotary encoder with push-button soldered in. Twist and turn it or push to change volume or monitor brightness or scroll: whatever you like! A tiny speaker can give audio feedback or play fun bleepy tunes.

Want to add more hardware? No worries - a STEMMA QT port on the side lets you connect any I2C add-on peripherals from the massive STEMMA QT / Qwiic family of plugin boards.

Please note, this board does have basic QMK support! However, it's very early and not everything is supported, e.g the OLED screen. This macropad is designed to be programmed in Arduino or CircuitPython


  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Chip + 8MB Flash memory - Dual-core Cortex M0+ at ~130MHz with 264KB, or RAM. Runs CircuitPython, Arduino, or MicroPython with ease and lots of space for development code and files
  • USB C Connector for Power/Data - of course, this can act as an HID device but also can be MIDI, UART, etc.
  • 3x4 Mechanical key switch sockets - accepts any Cherry MX-compatible switches. Individually tied to GPIO pins (not matrix wired)
  • One NeoPixel RGB LED per switch, on north side
  • Rotary encoder, 20 detents per rotation, with push-switch on GPIO pin. Push switch is also used for entering bootloader mode when held down on power-up or reset.
  • 128x64 SH1106 Monochrome OLED display - On high-speed hardware SPI port for quick updates
  • 8mm Speaker/Buzzer - With Class D amplifier and RC filter, can be used to make simple beeps and sounds effects.
  • STEMMA QT Connector - Allows adding any I2C sensors/displays/devices with plug-and-play cables.
  • Reset button - On the side, for quick restarting of code
  • Four M3 mounting bosses - Make custom enclosures easily

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Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of Sep 6, 2023 - we've updated the audio amplifier from PAM8301 to PAM8302 as the '1 has been discontinued - the '2 is just as good and the volume and audio quality is the same!

Product Dimensions: 104.0mm x 59.5mm x 29.0mm / 4.1" x 2.3" x 1.1"

Product Weight: 34.0g / 1.2oz

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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