3 x 1U and 2 x 1.25U "Ctrl" Silicone Keycap Molds - MX Compatible Switches

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If you love to customize, why not level up your DIY keeb-makin' skills and craft your own set of bespoke 'caps with this keycap mold that has three "1U R1" (e.g. single bottom row key) molds and two 1.25U Ctrl Keycap Molds

We recommend UV-curable resin, yes you'll need a UV lamp, but it's worth the investment: two-part resin is much messier and hard to cure if the temperature and humidity aren't just right. Check out this video for a great little tutorial on how to DIY your own custom keycaps.

Once molded, the keycaps will fit on any Cherry MX-compatible key switch. Comes with one two-piece mold that has three 1U molds and two 1.25U molds.

Play video: New Products 7/22/21 feat. Etched Glow-Thru Keycap w/ Open Source Hardware Gear Logo - MX Switches!


Craft bespoke 'caps with these Silicone Keycap Molds

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